Web Design

When you have a business it is essential to have a website that best represents you and your brand. The perfect website requires comprehensive and thorough planning to cover everything from graphic design to the final installation and configuring. A good web designer can handle all aspects of a great web build to create a website that is user-friendly and functional while upholding the values and aesthetics of your brand.


Whether your business is phone driven or form driven, our services are the same for your web build. We include:


Graphic Design: We will customize the look of your website to match your brand and requirements. We will create a functional mock-up of your site for your approval, using the latest design trends.


Contact Forms: We will create and install contact forms tailored to your business. Whether pop-ups or static contact us pages, we will optimize the contact forms as this is the main tool for pulling in new leads to your business.


Installation and Configuration: We will install and configure your website to match your business needs. We will also make sure you and your webmaster will have access to the site for any future changes you may need to make.


Mobile Responsive


All of our website are mobile responsive, meaning that they can be viewed on a mobile device without the need of having a separate mobile site. Your website can be see on any size screen without being distorted. More than 50% of searches are done on mobile devices so we made it a priority to ensure our sites are mobile ready.


Our mobile responsive designs give you the added advantages of having only one URL for mobile and desktop, making it easier to share the link to your business. Search engines can find your content easier, making it easier to display. With a mobile responsive site, your website will load faster allowing consumers to spend more time on your site shopping rather than waiting. Since the majority of people are on their mobile devices, your website will reach a higher amount of people.


Our Web Design Process


Installation: We will begin by installing and configuring the latest version of WordPress. We will also create your FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access and your CMS (Content Management System) access.


Configuration: We will install your chosen WordPress theme or custom design that shows the framework of your website. Based on the information gathered during your consultation, we will make sure your chosen theme or custom design will match and work for business.


Customization: W will make sure your layout and design follows W3C and SEO rules and standard. We will set up your blog and make sure it flows with your layout and design.


Graphic Design: For custom design websites we will provide a mockup of your website. All images used in the mockup and on the site build will be engaging and complement the theme and the written content.


Contact Form: As we create your website we will install fully functional contact forms. The contact forms are your main tool for gathering information and converting visitors into leads or potential clients.


Email Installation & Configuration: We will create and install your business email using the domain of your website. You will have up to 10 users and each will have access to Google Mail, Google Calendar, and Google Docs.